AI Technology

Korea's best technology and industry-savvy Rimitech Korea
will use AI technology to change the cryptocurrency industry into something of value.


Rimitech Korea uses AI technology to solve various problems in the cryptocurrency industry. We will promptly provide various information to all users in the industry with our unique technology for which we are planning to apply for a patent.

Project evaluation

AI automatically analyzes and evaluates the legitimacy and future potential of the project.

Price fluctuation forecast

Predict price movements by analyzing historical chart patterns and price actions.

Anomaly detection

Detects abnormalities such as fraudulent transactions on the blockchain and sounds an alert.

Breaking news delivery

We will deliver breaking news such as trends in the industry and remarks by VIPs.


Big data technology

Data collection
Data preprocessing
Data analysis

AI technology

Reinforcement learning
Image processing
Natural language processing

Statistical technology

regression analysis
Time series analysis
Data mining


We have a gathering of professionals on cryptocurrency / blockchain technology and industry trends, and we have formed an AI research and development team that can be said to be the best in Korea. Professionals in their respective fields will work together to create unprecedented chemical reactions and establish a neutral position in the cryptocurrency industry.

Cryptocurrency team

They are involved in various ICO projects, building economic zones for blockchain business, and listing consulting, and have achieved many results.

AI R&D team

He holds numerous awards and patents, and is conducting research on his own AI engine and algorithms day and night.